Dee-1 drops the video to "I'm Not Perfect (I' m a Christian)." The NOLA rapper makes his stance on Christianity clear on the song, but the video definitely drills the point home. The visual opens with audio of a police officer telling Dee to drop his weapon. The 3's Up rapper responds by saying he doesn't have a weapon, which is followed by loud gun shots. Dee-1 is then seen on a hospital bed before the video cuts to him rhyming in various locations. It shows the Sony/RCA signee staying true to his beliefs as he turns down a label offer that tries to restrict him from rapping about Christianity. He's later put to the test when a woman tries to get at him. He ends up turning her down, but picks up the Bible afterward to continue reading.

The same woman is later seen picking up Dee's Bible seemingly influenced by his beliefs. Dee continues to rap boldly and confidently about being a Christian, not bothered by what anyone has to say. When the video ends, viewers are left to assume that he didn't survive the gun shots. The video closes with an emotionally moving message. "I used to think that I wouldn't fit in to the mainstream industry circle if I was bold about my desire to please God with my music and my lifestyle," writes Dee. "I was obsessed with being accepted. Then in 2014, I hit rock bottom.Contemplated suicide. Ultimately decided I couldn't be double-minded anymore. We weren't put here to simply 'fit in.' I'm just on a mission to be the best 'me' I can be at this point. The man and the artist. Be real. Be righteous. Be relevant."

Take a look at the "I'm Not Perfect (I'm a Christian)" video above.

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