De La Soul made a big comeback in 2016 thanks to their …and the Anonymous Nobody album. The trio caps off their year by returning to the LP for a new music video. The legendary group brings the standout track "Memory of... (US)" to life with a Masterpiece Theatre-style visual.

Pete Rock sets the stage for the viewer before the video jumps to the perspective of Estelle. The singer is seen on her wedding day, but she begins to have vivid memories of her past relationships. De La Soul members Posdnuos and Dave play the role of men who Estelle previously dated.

"How could I forget/A ballad was born upon a demo of a fly love song/Didn't take long before the archer with the wings heard it/Shot us in the heart with a contract, he knew we were a hit/The right amount of soul with a parallel amount of grit/But the archer couldn't see the target of departure/Gave in your pink slip and called it quits/It's understood you would/Label me a mate who wronged you/Cause I kept wanting to feature with them other females on they songs too," Posdnuos raps as one of her past lovers.

The video ends with Estelle getting happily married, officially moving on with her life. De La Soul won't be so eager to move on from the recent past though. The group is hoping their 2016 LP, which hit No. 1 on the charts, will win a 2017 Grammy Award for Best Rap Album. The Native Tongues members will find out like the rest of us on Feb. 15.

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