David Banner isn't here for White people's input concerning the way Black people should protest. He said as much in a few new Instagram videos about the National Anthem protest and subsequent anthem protests inspired by embattled former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

"Let me tell you something: If you're protesting something, you don't give a fuck about how the people who you are protesting—you don't care how they feel," begins Banner, who dropped his The God Box album this past summer. "White folks got Black folks so petrified that they tell you how to protest. You know, White folks talk about this flag all the time, you created that flag and came to America because you thought you were being oppressed. If you look at it, you were saying the same fucking thing. You should be able to praise who you want to praise. Say what you want to say. I mean it's a direct contradiction. And Black people actually give a fuck about what the crazy White people have to say," Banner continues.

Banner goes on to say there isn't a "proper" way to protest and that protests should make people feel uncomfortable in order to affect change. In another video, he elaborates on this idea, but goes on to include that Black people are "so violent" on the football field for the sake of "entertaining our oppressors" but "so meek and humble" when it comes to addressing the "death of innocent children, women and men".

In the second video, Banner says it feels odd Black people would want to give the NFL their attention—and as a result, money from advertising revenue and merchandise—when their owners and other facilitators are, in his mind, against Black rights.

"If you kneel, that's cool—they still gon' get paid," he says in his second video, taking a very J. Cole-esque thought process. From there, he addresses rappers with the same approach. "Same thing with rap. We gangsta about each other, but so quiet," Banner says in the vid, the third of three. He had a lot to say, and he apologized in the caption for his last video.

See what Banner has to say for yourself in the videos below.

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