Three months after dropping his Paranoia: A True Story EP, Dave East returns with a visual for "Phone Jumpin," a Wiz Khalifa-assisted single from the project. Considering the most prominent sample in the song, the haunting video is pretty appropriate.

If you didn't know, "Phone Jumpin," like Busta Rhymes' "Gimme Some More," makes heavy use of Bernard Herrmann's "Prelude (Psycho Theme)." That tune was famously used in the seminal 1960 horror flick, Psycho. See the connection?

In any case, the "Phone Jumpin" video features plenty of shadowy spaces, zombie/ghoul-like video girls and shots of Wiz and Dave East looking as cool as can be. The visual, which was directed by Sebastian Sdaigui and Fidel Ruiz-Healy, feels fast-paced and fierce just like the song it was made for. Speaking of the song itself, it's one that finds East describing life in the trap.

"Residue still on my hand/It feel like I'm back in the kitchen/Your bitch in the back of the Fisker/You can't imagine the trenches/What you know about trappin' and pitchin'?/Now I got em laughing up in the back of the Bentley/What you know about not having a penny?/Phone jumping gotta bag it up quickly," the former XXL Freshman spits on the track.

Watch the entire "Phone Jumpin" video below. Check out Wiz's appearance in Raven Felix's "Job Done" video when you're done.

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