Dave East would consider a career in the NBA, but there's a catch.

TMZ Sports caught up with the Harlem rapper on Tuesday (June 26) and asked him about his potential move from hip-hop and acting to basketball. Nearly a decade after his college basketball career ended, East, who just rocked the Nipsey Blue-carpet at the 2019 BET Awards, told the sports vertical of the celebrity gossip site that he's thinking about attending tryouts for the NBA. However, if he does try out, he only wants to play for the Knicks.

"I might," East said. "It's gotta be the Knicks though. It's gotta be in New York."

For the unfamiliar, East had a stable basketball career playing in the AAU with the likes of Kevin Durant and Michael Beasley. The 6-foot, 5-inch rapper also had a Division 1 scholarship to play at the University of Richmond and Townson from 2007-2010.

Later on, the cameraman asked the 2016 XXL Freshman if he's been in touch with his former teammate Kevin Durant after his Achilles injury during the NBA Finals. East said that he spoke with Durant shortly after the game and that he's recovering well. When asked about Durant's next move, Dave admitted that he wants to see Durant sign to the Knicks in the offseason. If Durant does go to the Knicks, East says that his former teammate is built to withstand the commentary from the social media trolls.

"I hope he comes to New York," East responded. "He's built for that. He played in Dyckman and all that."

Watch Dave East talk about trying out for the NBA below.

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