Dave East recently had to set the record straight after he was accused of colorism by a fan.

On Thursday (July 4), the former XXL Freshman posted a photo on his Instagram page. In it, the Harlem MC appears to be on a rooftop and surrounded by what looks to be five Latina women and rapper Millyz. East captioned the photo, "Medellin Vibes."

An IG user decided to try and call the NYC spitta out for the lack of melanin in his female acquaintances. "So you don’t like black girls either? 😩," the person commented.

East caught wind of the comment and, wanting to set the record straight, he clapped back, "Shut ya dumb ass up I'm in Columbia."

Many fans came to the rapper's defense. Yet, other people pointed out how there are brown-skin women in Columbia as well.

The topic of colorism has come up a few times in hip-hop in recent weeks. A few days ago, Chris Brown came under fire for lyrics on his new song "Nice Hair" where he says, "Only wanna fuck the Black bitches with the nice hair."

A few weeks ago, Tory Lanez was first looked upon as a hero after video surfaced of him appearing to defend a dark-skin woman who was being replaced by a light-skin woman in one of his videos. The model who he allegedly defended has since come forward to say the situation may have been staged to make the rapper look good.

Check out Dave East's post below.

DaveEast via instagram
DaveEast via instagram

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