Both Dave East and Blac Chyna have faced their fair share of rumors about who they might be romantically linked to, and last year, fans thought that the two might have briefly hit it off.

After the model and entrepreneur announced that she would be pursuing a rap career, the East Harlem rapper posted a video to Instagram with her, calling Chyna his "new artist." During his recent appearance on the Easily Offended podcast last week (Feb. 28), Murda Mook presses him about whether or not he slept with her or not.

While he doesn't confirm nor blatantly deny the rumors of their relations, he does call Chyna the "homie" and mentions her forthcoming rap career.

"That's the homie," he says. "She cool. She 'bout to start rapping."

Mook isn't satisfied with the Paranoia 2 MC's answer, and proceeds to grill him even more by directly asking him how Chyna's bedroom skills are. East keeps it shy and completely avoids the question altogether by bringing up other things, such as his drink and his sneakers.

"Yo, who made this rum?" he asks, attempting to change the subject. "This shit aight."

Also during the interview with the Easily Offended crew, Dave candidly talks about Blac Chyna's recent sex tape that went viral, and even eats the world's hottest chip.

Watch Dave East hilariously avoid questions about Blac Chyna in the video below and check out the full episode.

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