Danny Brown is never one to shy away from expressing some of his more obscure thoughts, and Vevo recently gave him the opportunity to do it on their platform. The video streaming service recruited the Detroit rapper to take part in their "The World According to..." series, where Brown breaks down his thoughts on the suburbs, cats and white women.

The "Kool Aid" entertainer is asked to share his candid thoughts on the topics, but his experiences about dating white girls in the past certainly serve as a standout.

"First time I dated a white girl was when the Internet came out. I was the guy on Black Planet looking for all the white chicks. That was my game," Brown explains. "So yeah, whenever I got the Internet in my house, I just talked to the white girls on there. I didn't mess with the sisters."

The "Ain't It Funny" MC also delivers his opinion on other topics, such as what it was like to grow up in a suburban neighborhood, as well as why he likes cats more than some other animals.

Vevo's "The World According to..." series serves to bring on artists in four-five minute video segments, where they share their thoughts and opinions on a variety of topics. The video features original animations that is unique to each artist, based on their personality.

Watch Danny Brown speak on all of the wild topics in the Vevo video below.

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