Danny Brown's Atrocity Exibition album is the gift that keeps on giving. On Tuesday (July 18), the rapper pulled up with yet another striking visual for one of the tracks on the project. This one's for "Lost." Check it out for yourself below.

The new video is a heavily stylized one, with the clips shot in black-and-white and everyone involved being excessively animated in their motions. This only adds to the frenetic feel of the song, which finds Brown spitting over a sample of Lena Lim's "Flame of Love (Lian Zhi Huo)." Adding to the instrumental is the sound of a whistling teapot, which lets you know the trap—or the tension, or Brown's drug addiction or desperation—is getting hot.

In the vid, Brown rocks some gold teeth as he gets to work, cooking up some crack in his trap house. There are women literally laundering money, cooking up some cocaine and in some cases, throwing up as Brown moves about looking a good bit like a drug addict. Fits the song pretty well.

The video for "Lost" is directed by Matilda Finn, and it follows the sort of disturbing vibe captured by Brown's visual for "Ain't It Funny," which was directed by Jonah Hill.

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