If you loved the sound of Danny Brown's Atrocity Exhibition album, you are in luck. The Detroit MC is teaming up with British producer Paul White, who produced 10 of the LP's 15 tracks, for a new EP titled Accelerator. The project will feature two new collaborations as well as instrumental versions of the songs.

Brown and White's musical bond began on the former's 2011 album XXX. White produced three tracks - "Adderall Admiral," "Fields" and "Scrap or Die" - for Brown's second studio LP. Brown also made a guest appearance on the track "One Of Life's Pleasures" off White's Rapping With Paul White album.

The two would collaborate again in 2013 for a single called "Street Lights," but their most extensive work together was done for Brown's 2016 album Atrocity Exhibition. White produced the majority of the project, helping to hone a chaotic sound that perfectly matched Brown's energy on the microphone.

Brown and White's music was recently featured in a trailer for the widely popular Dragon Ball Super anime. Adult Swim’s Toonami block used "Ain't It Funny" from Atrocity Exhibition in the teaser ahead of the show's U.S. premiere.

Brown and White's Accelerator EP is scheduled to drop on Feb. 10. You can check out the tracklist below. Pre-orders are available now through White's Bandcamp page, but the vinyl copies are already sold out.

Danny Brown and Paul White's Accelerator EP Tracklist

1. "Accelerator"
2. "Accelerator Instrumental"
3. "Lion's Den"
4. "Lion's Den Instrumental"

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