Today (June 15), Danny Brown calls into Zane Lowe's Beats 1 radio show for a brief interview. The Detroit MC touches on a variety of topics, including the content of his highly anticipated upcoming album. Brown tells Lowe that the new project will be about the period of his life directly after he released the 2011 album, XXX.

"Pretty much with my albums, they always document what I'm going through in my times," says Danny. "So with this album, it's really about, pretty much after XXX was over with and me making Old, and what I was going through around that time. Every album is like a documentary. With Old, it was about going back and then taking you to the future. So this one picks up pretty much right after XXX, I would say."

Yesterday (June 14), Brown released a new single and video titled "When It Rain." Brown explains to Lowe that he wanted his new record to sound like a classic, Detroit house party song – something that would be played in people's basements. He also mentions that he was listening to a lot of Talking Heads during the making of the new LP.

In the interview, Brown touches on the single and delves into his new deal with Warp Records, his new workout regimen and his plans to go on tour. He also describes what he did during the four months between after releasing Old and before beginning his new project. Mostly, Brown says, he played video games and went to Walmart – trying his best to be a "regular person" and get away from the celebrity life.

Listen to the full Apple Music interview below. Keep it locked to XXL for more information about Brown's upcoming album.

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