Danny Brown has replaced his chipped-tooth smile with some new pearly whites.

The Detroit rapper made the reveal on Instagram, posting a picture cheesing for the camera, with the caption, "They say the boy got his chipped tooth fixed - Nas." His whole top row appears to have been done over with some nice dental work.

He later posted the picture to Twitter with the caption, "I'm going thru changes - ozzy osbourne."

Back in 2013, there was a rumor going around that Danny had received some new teeth courtesy of KFC. As the story went, Brown crakced his Chiclets when he was hit by a car in a KFC parking lot before his rapping fame. But four years ago, reports surfaced saying the rapper had a change of heart and decided to get some veneers. KFC was said to have footed the bill. A picture even surfaced of Brown grinning ear-to-ear with what seemed to be a fixed mug. But he shot those reports down. “I aint got my damn teeth fixed…Y’all resharded,” he posted on Twitter.

Recently, Danny was spotted rocking a gold grill in his "Lost" video. But it looks like he decided to get some fresh veneers instead.

In other Danny Brown-related news, it was recently announced he will be putting on his fourth annual Bruiser Thanksgiving event in his hometown, with the help of Lil B.

Check out Danny's new grill below.

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