With a platinum plaque-littered production discography, Danja is one of the more storied producers in the entire music industry. Recently, during episode five of his YouTube series,  A Danjarous World, the acclaimed music man offered up a tour of the studio where he's concocted some of his biggest hits. Get an intimate look at Danja's personal workstation in the video below.

Before we actually get a glimpse of the studio at around the 2:22 mark, we see clips of the music video for Chris Brown's Wiz Khalifa and Big Sean assisted "Til I Die" and the video for 50 Cent's Curtis cut, "Ayo Technology." Both are tracks produced by Danja. From there, we're brought directly into Danja's studio, which he calls "Studio X...the Dream Asylum" and the Temple of Boom." It

For Danja, size isn't everything when it comes to the studio. "I didn't have to have a big mega room. I just needed something nice and cozy," Danja says in the video. It looks like he's got everything he needs, though, and with the glow of lit candles flickering all around his mixing equipment and speakers, it definitely looks pretty cozy. There's a reason he called this episode, "Comfort Zone."

Danja also makes the most of his space, which he bought back in 2011. Throughout the vid, we can see that every inch of the studio is taken up by either massive speakers, big mixing board or some fancy looking controller. Dope.

Check out Danja's studio for yourself below.

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