While Dame Dash has been busy working on his latest venture, the Dash Diabetes Network [DDN], the Roc-A-Fella co-founder still found time to comment on JAY-Z's 4:44, even though he admits he hasn't yet heard his former business partner's new album.

While discussing his health initiative, which seeks to target both diabetics and non-diabetics and encourage healthy living, Dame spoke on JAY-Z, explaining that he feels the album is proof that his Hov is still taking his advice all these years later.

"It seems like everything I'm speaking about got reflected in that album," Dame says about 4:44 during a conversation with Complex. "The same way that I've been talking about rolling out albums is the way the album got rolled out. So I think people have been listening."

He goes on to further explain how, as the music mogul's former manager and mentor, JAY-Z was his "best student."

"I think JAY-Z is probably my best student, and I can say that he listens and that's what always made him special," he continues. "He listens, so I can see that he's listening. And I mean that in the right way. I personally haven't heard the album, I don't have Tidal, but you know I've heard about it. I'm glad that someone's going there. People have to listen to somebody speak, that the person that you're listening to is saying the right stuff and that's all that really counts. I think it's a great thing that he can still rap at this age. I think it’s great that at this age he’s saying the things that a man this age should say, because most people his age don’t rap, and if they do they’re usually on some silly shit."

Considering the former Roc-A-Fella bosses have gotten into it in recent years, it's a nice change of pace to hear Dame sing Jay's praises.

Most recently, Dash's reputed sneaker collection surfaced on eBay, with the entrepreneur later confirming he was not the one selling the items.

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