Dame Dash has been on a crusade this year, calling out hip-hop executives and figures as "culture vultures." Yesterday, fellow Harlemite, Jim Jones, called out Dame on social media as the real culture vulture and, unsurprisingly, Dame was quick to respond. During an interview with Hip Hop Motivation, Dash calmly spoke on those who have called him out for bad business and wishes that they would come talk to him directly instead of beating around the bush.

"In terms of Curren$y and Beans and all of these kind of things, I usually hear about their issues, it's never presented to me," said Dame. "I wish that if they did have issues, they would just come talk to me in a manly way because they should know with my history and all the good things I've done that if anything was ever done bad It was never intentional because that's not how I'm built and that's not what I do. If I did do something bad, I hope that they would forgive me based on all the good stuff that I have done. I would be alright with having a conversation with anyone that says I owe them money..."

In regards to Jim Jones, Dash said he has nothing but love for the Dipset Capo and hopes that the two can reconcile their differences soon.

"He's my friend. I love his son, I love his mom. I grew up with that dude. That's where forgiveness comes in," said Dash. "I would hope that if he has a problem, he would come talk to me like a man, and that's that."