Ever since Roc-A-Fella records disbanded, rumors regarding the relationship between Jay Z and Dame Dash have been swirling. While most of them have been negative, Dame sat down for an interview with Hip Hop Motivation and told them that he is happy for Jay Z and all the success he has found:

I make people rich. So, I can’t be down. As long as Jay is rolling how can I be down? As long as Kanye is rolling how can I be down? Nobody beat them yet. I have no reason to come back out of retirement. Just cause they doing it without me that’s still me right there. Every time I see that nigga I’m like ‘Psh. Y’all think I’m mad? I’m happy.’ The bigger he get the bigger I am. Unless my ego would get involved, but that’s fuckin—that’s corny. I don’t have a vagina. You know what I’m saying? I don’t want that nigga to go away. I want that nigga to win. And make me look good. The more he win, the more I look good. That’s my motto…I never locked none of them niggas up like slaves. Right or wrong? They could all walk away, which they all did…Dipset, Cam, Jim, Jay, Kanye, they all living, right? They all eating. I taught em all. All of them how to do it.

Throughout the interview, Dame also explained why he left the music industry and his current campaign against so-called hip-hop "culture vultures."