News has been floating around for a couple of weeks that Dame Dash put grown-man hands on troubled film exec, Harvey Weinstein, during the filming of Paid in Full. But according to the guy who supposedly did the slapping, such information cannot be confirmed nor denied.

Dame recently talked with TMZ, where he tried to set the record straight. "I can definitely say someone got smacked on the set of Paid in Full," Dame starts. "But, you know, I never really liked the way Harvey treated my culture. I didn't like the way he was talking to people and I didn't like the way he was treating my film."

Dame goes on to say he heard whispers of the current rape allegations that are being levied against Weinstein back then, and he chose not to work with him further, and warned others to steer clear on him. "I always wanted to punish him publicly so people would know he was weak," added Dame. "For some reason people thought he was strong. I felt he was disrespecting the culture of Black people, of good people, of women. And I could have made more movies with him, but I decided not to, even though it was unpopular."

Now back to the alleged smacking. "Somebody did get smacked on that set," Dame adds. "I got sued over it but I won. Harvey is someone who was trying not to put out my movie. And I had to really get aggressive with him and make sure he did right by it. Had I not fought for the movie, you would have never seen it."

Cam'ron told a different story. On the new Dipset track, "One Upon a Time," he raps, "No disrespecting the ladies, word from my team (why)/That's the reason Dame smacked Harvey Weinstein/On the set of Paid In Full, y'all gave him hell about it/Some foul shit happened once, Capo, tell 'em about it."

Freeky Zeky later doubled down on the assertion Dame slapped Weinstein in an interview with MTV. But according to him, it played out a little differently. "The muthafucka [Weinstein] was talking stupid shit," Freekey said, "and Dame said, 'Stop talking the stupid shit.' And he said one more stupid shit and then he got slapped. The End."

Watch Dame Dash explain his side of the situation below.

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