Dame Dash isn't holding back any punches for Funkmaster Flex.

After the Hot 97 DJ branded Dash a liar for calling YouTube Music executive Lyor Cohen a culture vulture on Instagram, the Honor Up star fired back on Thursday (Dec. 20) by calling Flex a coward for not having a conversation with him about his thoughts about Cohen face-to-face.

"Not sure what’s wrong with this dude @funkflex or why he hates his own culture so much," Dash said in his loaded Instagram post. "But I feel sorry for him...his master won’t let him out of the that lil room he’s been in for 30?years...and his master won’t even give him a promotion...his master only lets him talk about his own culture...need that conversation face to face @funkflex dont be a coward...and we all know #liarcohen @youtubemusic is paying you cause he’s to much of a coward to face me himself...just like they always do... (divide and conquer)."

A few months back, Cohen appeared on The Breakfast Club and acted as if he's never heard of Dash before (He has). After the interview dropped, Dame made sure to refresh Cohen's memory by reiterating his claim that he is a culture vulture.

"Thanks for this #liarCohen... for proving my point in true #culturevulture form...they make money off us and then try to erase our true history and act like the real ones never existed," Dame wrote in the caption. "Look how he disrespect yours brothers #staytuned @culturevultures_book .. and y’all see he’s unapologetic. He pays his bills at the expense of us... big question is why can’t he sell any rock music?...why can’t he eat with his own culture?..stop fronting on my people like you mean something... your own culture laughs at you ..."

After posting a photo of DJ Red Alert with YouTube Music head Lyor Cohen on Instagram yesterday (Dec. 18), Funk Flex faced some backlash from fans, which prompted him to attempt to dead the 'culture vulture' term while blasting Dash's claims in the process. Now, in his new rant aimed at Funk Flex, Dash also claims that the OG mixer is "embarrassing our culture," and calls for Hot 97 to fire the veteran radio show host.

"Your the help...and your mentality is help," Dame continues in his angry post. "My mentality is boss..you wouldn’t understand...stop embarrassing our culture...your 50 get a new job #staytuned @culturevultures_book available now @hot97 if y’all don’t fire this clown your radio station is dead like his career #doitfortheculture #ceobeef pause."

See what Dame Dash has to say to Funk Flex below.

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