It looks like some kids tried to outhustle DaBaby while selling snacks for a supposed fundraiser, but the Charlotte, N.C. rapper wasn't going for it.

On Sunday (July 11), DaBaby shared video footage on his Instagram Story of himself trying to purchase candy from two teenagers who claimed they were trying to raise money.

In the clip, the 2019 XXL Freshman jumps out of his sprinter van and surprises the two kids who were outside selling candy. DaBaby asks one teen how much for the entire box of Skittles he is selling, to which the kid incredulously replies, “$200.”

“What?!” says DaBaby in shock. When he asks the other kid how much for his entire box of Gushers candy, the second teen responds and tells Baby "$200" as well.

DaBaby, evidently amused by the price the kids told him they're selling the candy for verses how much they'd actually make, the rhymer decides to teach them some math and a valuable lesson in honesty.

“How much candy is in the box?” the North Carolina rapper asks the one teen, to which he replied, "34." DaBaby then inquires, "And you sell them at $2 apiece? What’s 34 x [$2], my boy?"

The teen tries to figure out the math in his head before DaBaby answers back, "It ain’t even $200. It’s not even $100. It’s $68."

In the end, DaBaby gave each of the teens $2. He purchased two Gushers at $1 per candy from one teen and one pack of Skittles at $2 from the other.

Baby captioned his IG Story: "Y'all little niggas blew it. Keep hustlin tho."

"You gotta use your head, you tried to play me,” the Kirk creator tells the kids before getting back into his sprinter. "I was gonna bless you anyway. You would have gotten the $200 but now you got $2. Y’all be good."

DaBaby hopped back in the sprinter laughing at how the teenagers were trying to finesse him. “I used to sell candy, too, nigga” he says to the other passengers in the vehicle. “I was killing candy in elementary school, nigga. I know how the shit go, nigga.”

“These niggas don’t think I don’t know math,” he continues, laughing hysterically. “These little niggas think I don’t know math, little nigga. C’mon man, quit playing with me.”

Let this be lesson to all the young folks out there: You can’t finesse DaBaby.

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