On Monday (Nov. 5), a shooting that resulted in the death of 19-year-old Jalyn Domonique Craig unfolded at a Huntersville, N.C. Walmart. Within hours of the shooting, people began speculating that Charlotte, N.C. artist DaBaby was responsible for the killing. Now, the rapper has stepped forth to speak on the matter.

Addressing his followers through an Instagram Live session, DaBaby confirms that he was involved in the deadly Walmart shooting, which Huntersville police say stemmed from a fight between "several individuals" in the store. In the video, DaBaby claims that he was shopping with his family when two men approached him. At least one of them had a gun. He also claims security footage will back up his side of the story. 

While the rhymer didn't admit he shot a gun or was in possession of a firearm, DaBaby detailed the circumstances of the Walmart shooting and the "gunshots" that protected himself, his daughter, his son and his baby's mother in a video he recorded from his bed.

"If them gunshots ain't go off, nigga, my fuckin' daughter could've got hit, son could've got hit, me," he says in one part of the video. "Fuckin' lawyers telling me not to say something and shit, fuck all that. Two niggas walk down on you and your whole muthafuckin' family, threaten y'all, whip out on y'all, nigga, let me see what y'all gon' too. You feel me? I wasn't in no muthafuckin' produce section, I wasn't grocery shopping, I was buying my baby some more winter clothes, nigga, it's cold outside, nigga."

DaBaby continues, "These niggas see me buying baby clothes and these niggas wanna come and show me how tough they is and shit. Come on my nigga, quit playing. ..I really don't give a fuck how y'all feel, a nigga tried to take my life in front of my 1-year-old daughter."

DaBaby's videos come as at least a few outlets have claimed that he was the person responsible for the shooting, but this has not been confirmed. According to Huntersville's WSOC TV, local authorities have identified everyone involved in the shooting and, in the aftermath, law enforcement brought four people to the Huntersville Police Department to be interviewed. Suspects for the shooting haven't been named publicly, but Jaden Major, who was a friend of the late Craig, says he'd heard that he'd heard the teenager had been involved in an altercation with a rapper.

Seemingly addressing rumors in another Instagram video, DaBaby gives his condolences to the "other parties" involved in the deadly incident.

“I feel like it’s only right to tap in,” he says, sharing a new video reflecting on the incident. “And let y’all know first of all, ain’t no free me; I’m freer than a muthafucka. Ain’t no R.I.P. me, my heart’s still beating. Condolences goes out to the other parties involved.”

DaBaby then says people have been accusing him of using the incident to promote his new project, Blank Blank, which is something he adamantly denies, pointing out that he’s been working to advertise the project since before the shooting took place.

“I’m gonna keep promoting this shit, not gonna stop,” DaBaby continues. “If I don’t goddamn promote this shit and continue to be successful then all this shit was in vain anyways ‘cause that’s why that shit happened. I am who I am.”

According to Fox 46 Charlotte, police have not yet filed charges related to the shooting. Additionally, an officer shared that the department is aware of DaBaby's Instagram videos but won't release the names of those interviewed while it is still an open investigation.

XXL has reached out to DaBaby and Huntersville police for comment.

Take a look at DaBaby explaining what went down in the posts below.

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