On Tuesday (April 24), Def Jam announced a July 17 release date for Nas’ new LP, Life Is Good. In addition, the label revealed that God’s Son next single, “Daughters,” will be arriving on May 1.

Burgeoning beatsmiths Da Internz—comprised of Kosine and Tuo—confirm that longtime fans will be more than satisfied with Nas’ 10th studio album, adding that the single will “explain it all.”

“He’s gonna let people know, ‘Yeah, the It Was Written Nas, the Nas Illmatic, this is what  I’m gonna give yall on this album,’ said Tuo of the production duo, which has been hard at work crafting tracks for the project. “So, when they drop [“Daughters”] next week, that’s where everybody’s gonna be like 'Aight, he ain’t fucking around. ’Cause he ain’t!"

The two are also behind God's Son's current single, "The Don," as they crafted the backdrop along with Salaam Remi and the late Heavy D.  "Man it was an honor like you would not believe," Kosine said. "Before we even put our hands on it we were told Heavy D and Salaam Remi did the record."

"When someone like that great, passes away and to be like ‘Man I never even got a chance to work with him,’ and for this opportunity to kind of just come out of no where, it’s humbling,” he added. “The same with Salaam Remi, that’s a legendary producer as well so for us to be a part and bring our sound to that, it was just an honor."

Fans can expect to see the music video premiere of "The Don" this Friday (April 27) on MTV and VEVO. Stay tuned to XXLMag.com's XXcLusive interview with Da Internz where they speak on their come up, the mindset into crafting beats for Life Is Good and what other projects their currently working on.—Ralph Bristout