Curren$y’s Canal Street Confidential tour stopped off at Irving Plaza in New York City last night (Dec. 3) and brought out droves of dedicated fans carrying what seemed to be unlimited amounts of marijuana.The aroma of pot and popcorn filled the air before the openers hit the stage. But once Houston native Youth Soul Love started his set, the salty snack was no longer detectable. Love and his band made the energy level rise in the dark and dingy venue. The following two openers, Brooklyn’s own Jimi Tents and Atlanta’s Kap G maintained the buzz throughout their respective sets. Each paid homage to Curren$y and shared blunts with the crowd. Tents even thanked security for not kicking anyone out of the building for smoking.

After a long intermission and some technical difficulties, Bodega Bamz rushed the stage with Hennessy in hand and a large entourage performing fan favorites like “Navy,” “Say Amen,” “Trap Lords,” and “2 Lit To Quit.” He even brought out Flatbush Zombies for their collaboration “Bring Em Out.”

As Bamz and friends exited the stage, fans anticipation for Spitta was at its peak. To their surprise they were then greeted by Amber Rose. She walked out onto the balcony and waved before returning to the backstage area. A projector screen dropped and displayed Curren$y’s Mass Appeal campaign where he discussed his love for a 64 Impala he purchased from mentor Lil Wayne. After the video, the screen lifted and Curren$y greeted fans in full camouflage gear while paying homage to one of his city’s most infamous labels, No Limit Records, by kicking off his set with “Bout It.”

Fans greeted the former XXL Freshman with gifts, giving him candy, weed and toys. He told the crowd “whatever you hand me I’m keeping” before performing snippets of “Prioritize,” “King Kong,” “Smoke Break,” “BBS,” “Ways to Kill Em,” “Glass House,” “Famous,” “Elevator Musik,” and “Money Machine.”

The crowd knew every word to the tracks in his vast catalogue and Spitta even begged them at one point to “let me rap, you paid ya’ll money.” Curren$y took a brief break and before returning strong to perform “High Tunes,” “Smoking Sum’in,” “Capitol,” “Showroom,” “Jet Life,” “Sixty Seven Turbo Jet,” “A Lil Sumthin,” “$ Migraine,” “10 Gs” and “Stolen.” Around 11 p.m., Spitta stopped rapping and took a moment to celebrate the midnight release of his new album Canal Street Confidential.

“My album is officially out of iTunes. Look how far you got me,” said Curren$y thankfully to the crowd. “We are still smoking, we in these places doing this shit.” He too showed love to security for not interfering with the non-stop smoking session during the show.

To close out his set, Curren$y went with classics like “Mary,” “Bitch Get Up,” “Choosin,” “Opening Credits,” “Drive-By,” “Boulders,” “Michael Knight” and “Watch Out.” After performing his last song, Spitta danced, autographed some albums and said goodnight to a New York crowd that appreciated him more than he probably anticipated.—Vincent Funaro