Let’s face it, for Curren$y, everyday feels like 4/20. Spitta makes music and smokes good on the daily. Early this morning he brought the high-life holiday in—blunt in one hand, mic in the other—during the kick off of his Jet Life Tour in Houston.

Although Curren$y wouldn’t hit the stage until about 1 a.m. Friday morning (April 20), his fans were lining up outside the Warehouse Live venue around 7 p.m. last night to get a prime spot.

A little before 11 p.m., New York’s Smoke DZA hit the stage and was followed by New Orleans hero Fiend. Then, right before midnight, Styles P was holding court in front of the crowd, while Houston’s hip-hop mayor, Bun B, stood backstage watching with a smile.

Halfway through his set, Styles jumped in the crowd for a flurry of his Lox classics: “Wild Out,” “Walk Wit Me” and “Kiss Your Ass Goodbye.” He then hit them with his verse from Rick Ross’ street anthem, “B.M.F.”  Trae Tha Truth would enter minutes after for “Getting Paid.” As 4/20 crept in, The Ghost celebrated with one of the ultimate smoker’s anthems, “Good Times,” before closing with “We Gonna Make It.”

With some of the crowd nice and stimulated, the headliner finally took the stage.

“Jet life, Jet Life, Jet Life,” everybody started yelling.

Smoke DZA later made a return for “Life Instructions,’ where Curren$y said some of the most fitting lyrics of the night: "Patty Cake, patty cake, I’m baked my man.”

C’s stage was built like a fly lounge, equipped with female DJs, two sexy ladies at a bar carrying Rose champagne and a couple playing pool at a billiards table that was stationed in the middle of the stage.

With one of the most vast catalogs in hip-hop, including his mixtapes, free EPs and street albums, Curren$y kept the energy burning with different surprises such as “Full Metal,” where his followers blurted every word.

“Got the 4/20 vision,” he rapped. “Rollin doobies up, rollin doobies up, up in the incision./ My rockin furnishes, projection screen built in m ceiling./ I spit the picture so vivid because I'm really living, this JET life./ Tennis shoes and tuxedos./ Them other fools ain't fly, they fucking mosquitoes.”

From there, Spitta went into “Ways to Kill Em” where he rapped over Jay-Z’s beat for “Stick To The Script.” Fiend reemerged for “Blood, Sweat and Gears” off of the Covert Coupe EP and stayed on for “Lean” from C’s and Styles P’s joint EP, The 1st 28.

Later, The Jets Trademark Da Skydiver and Young Roddy came out for another freestyle, “Conference Call.” The attention did eventually shift towards Currensy’s, Pilot Talk series with two of most well known singles, “King Kong” and “Michael Knight.” Curren$y’s closer was his latest single off his upcoming, The Stoned Immaculate LP, “What It Look Like.” Curren$y and company pulled out of Houston early Friday morning en route to his hometown of New Orleans. The Jet Life Tour continues tonight at N.O.’s House of Blues. —Shaheem Reid