Liza Rios, Big Pun's widow, isn't the only one upset about Joell Ortiz's "Big Pun Back" track. Apparently, former Terror Squad members Cuban Link and Tony Sunshine aren't very pleased with it either.

In a video that surfaced on the net today (June 14), Link says the track "doesn't sit right with me... Only a few are chosen to touch certain things. I don't feel that man is chosen," he said while speaking into the camera. "There's no problems where it'll be some extra shit... at the end of the day, it's music... We just get a little tight when niggas do certain things. But, at the end of the day, niggas show him love... I gotta talk to that brother... I'm always a fan but that's a personal situtation."

Sunshine jumped in and while more politically-correct with his answer, agreed with CL. "Pun was just super natural on the mic. He was ahed of his time. He was beyond one of the best to ever touch the mic," he said, "I don't think nobody can touch the mic like he did. The dude is super incredible. I think he's talented. I'm just glad someone is trying to keep his name alive and rep his name, but there are just certain things you don't do."

Cuban Link and TS were accompanied by Peedi Crakk, who spoke on a new group the three are a part of. Watch the clip below:

Last week, Ortiz appeared on New York radio station Hot 97 and told host Angie Martinez he was "surprised" and "confused" that Rios was offended by his "Big Pun Back" song. Stay tuned to as this story develops.—XXL Staff