Fat Joe is back at it again with another hilarious story involving the late great Big Pun. This time around, the "All The Way Up" rapper goes back in time and shares a funny story about the time Big Pun got the Terror Squad click banned from a New York studio.

In the clip, Joe recalls an infamous studio session with Terror Squad at Battery studios in New York City, which led the to the entire crew getting banned from the studio. Shedding light on the incident, Joe remembers Big Pun and Tony Sunshine walking into Battery studio while acting like they were arguing and Big Pun grabbing an apple and putting it on the head of one of the studio's engineers. Out of nowhere, Joe recalls Punisher pulled out a BB Gun and shot the apple that was sitting on top of the engineer's head. The engineer, who Joe remembers was profusely sweating and shaking, hid underneath the table once Pun let out his shot and the incident led for the entire Terror Squad group to be banned from Battery studio.

Joe recalls he tried to go back to the same studio and record four years after the Big Pun/BB gun incident, but he was not allowed to record or even step foot into the Battery studio location. Check out Joe share the hilarious and eventful studio session in the clip above.

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