Today, Sept. 25, is the birthday of former State Property and Roc-A-Fella rapper Pedro Zayas, better known as Peedi Crakk. The rapper is now 41 years young.

The North Philly native first got on in the music industry with State Property, which was under the Roc-A-Fella umbrella. With the help of former high school classmate Freeway, he was signed to the label in 2001. Over the years, Crakk would be featured on several State Prop and Roc projects. In 2003, he dropped a solo single titled "One for Peedi Crakk." The Megahertz-produced track scored Peedi his first Top 40 Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop single, but failed to gain enough traction to push his debut album out the door.

After State Property dissolved in 2005, Peedi remained in limbo before signing with Def Jam when Jay Z was the president. In 2006, he was featured on the Ne-Yo song "Stay." He released another single titled "Take Me Home" in 2007, which was slated to be on the album Prince of the Roc but never materialized. After a falling out with Jay, P left the label in 2008.

Over the years, he stayed close with other members of his former crew and he has been featured on songs by Freeway and Young Chris. He made headlines in 2016 for saying Beanie Sigel had help from the crew when writing his Jadakiss diss back when the two were beefing on wax.

Happy Birthday, Peedi Peedi!

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