In addition to being a great actor (with his role in FX's The People v. O.J. Simpson serving as the most recent reminder) Cuba Gooding Jr. is apparently a huge Young Thug fan as well, so much so that he will fight someone who disputes Thug's brilliance. Over at Complex, the Instagram comments included above and below were spotted, as Gooding Jr. is putting his Thug fandom on full tilt.

"This is better than literally anything the Beatles ever put out," he first wrote, coming at a users neck later for insulting Thugger. "How dare you insult Thugga. I was in 'Snow Dogs' and won’t stand for this shit."

From there, things only get progressively more out of hand, with the hapless user further baiting Cuba. "Fam, I SWEAR you finna make me catch a body," he wrote. "First off: Thug is an amazing rapper on a pure technical level, as well as being a great lyricist and a stone cold G. And SECOND how DARE you speak ill of 'Snow Dogs' which was the top grossing movie of the YEAR?!? The Beatles NEVER had a movie and NEVER had any songs as good as Thug."

While Cuba is clearly playing to some degree, he ethers this poor soul by flaunting his Oscar win and Thug's rap connections. "How many Oscars you have, punk? How many songs with Guwop you have, punk? Don’t you EVER besmirch EITHER Thugga or My name again. Otherwise I won’t be 'showing you the money', I’ll be showing you these fists."

Peep Cuba's Instagram comments both above and below.


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