Back in 2006, T.I. found Creed's Scott Stapp bleeding out on a balcony at Miami Beach, Fla.'s Delano Hotel and ended up getting him the proper medical attention. Now, though, Stapp is saying  "The Weekend" rapper's telling of the story isn't exactly correct.

TMZ stopped Stapp yesterday (Nov. 7) at LAX to ask him about how his relationship with Tip is nowadays. After the cameraman brought up the decade-old tale, Stapp said the Atlanta native's story isn't "accurate," and before explaining his side of the story.

"I had an accident and I was injured," Stapp explained. "He found me injured and he called an ambulance. So yeah, he was definitely critical in getting me the help I needed when I was injured."

Stapp continues to say that he and T.I. spoke briefly after he got help and they hugged it out. He also believes T.I. is a "good dude."

"He seems to be at the right place at the right time. He's got a good heart and he does good things man," Stapp says. "T.I., I love you brother. Hope to hook up soon."

Stapp's amiable cosign comes not long after T.I.'s legal woes have started to subside. Recently, the Dime Trap rapper had an assault charge dropped after he was arrested earlier this year in front of his gated community. On Nov. 6, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution confirmed that the upcoming jury trial for T.I.'s public drunkenness and disorderly conduct charges will commence on Feb. 4, 2019.

Watch Creed's Scott Stapp straighten the record about T.I.'s story below.

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