The Los Angeles County Coroner’s office was unable to determine a definitive cause in the death of Kanye West’s mother Donda on November 10, however an official report, released today (January 10), states that there were no signs of "surgical or anesthetic misadventure." According to the Associated Press, the report lists coronary artery disease, the patient’s surgical procedures and a number of “postoperative factors” as potential reasons for her death. Dr. Donda West passed away after suffering an attack the day after she underwent liposuction, breast reduction surgery and a tummy tuck. Ed Winter, a spokesman for the Corner’s office, said that Dr. West’s family had been notified of the findings earlier today. When asked if Dr. West would be alive today had she not underwent the procedures, Winter commented, “She could, possibly. But she could have also died because of pre-existing cardiac issues." In the days following her passing, questions arose about the qualifications of Dr. Jan Adams, the surgeon who performed the procedures.

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