Kanye West has become public enemy No. 1 for many people over the last week for his controversial comments about slavery being a choice made by slaves. While some have closed the door on the rapper, others still believe there is hope. Then there are those who believe the masses should be focusing their efforts on more important issues than what a rapper has to say. Common appears to be in the latter two categories.

The Chicago rapper has been mum on Kanye's antics for the most part. He was stopped by TMZ at Equinox in Los Angeles on Friday (May 4) where he finally opened up.

"It's a lot going on in the world, like women being dragged out of Waffle House," Common said, referring to the infamous April incident in Alabama where a Black woman was forcefully removed from the restaurant by police.  "Black people being shot down in the street. You know, we got people in the government and the president and others that are lying and just creating divisiveness. I think us focusing on tweets and comments when we can really change conditions....I want to put more energy into changing conditions."

The Be rapper still has love for his frequent collaborator. "No matter what, Kanye is my brother," he added. "I don't agree with everything he says and everything he's thinking. But I don't agree with a lot of things with people that I love. But that don't mean I love them any differently."

Kanye's slavery comments have reached all the way to Africa where Nigerian senator Shehu Sani was so appalled by what 'Ye said he invited the rapper to visit the slave ports in The Mother Land.

Check out the full interview with Common below.

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