East St. Louis, Ill. rapper Comethazine had a huge 2018, after picking up plenty of traction and fans online before he even had an actual project of his own. He eventually fed his supporters with his Bawskee mixtape last August, helmed by big songs like "Walk" and "Bands." Today, he drops the follow-up, his new mixtape, Bawskee 2, a few hours early on XXL before its release on all DSPs tonight.

Comethazine decided to strike now with Bawskee 2 because of all the momentum he has at the moment. "Just wanted to keep going with it real quick, let me drop something else," he tells XXL, showing that he understands how important it is to have fresh material these days. The 10-track, 17-minute mixtape is short and to the point, but it bangs.

Bawskee 2 features production from Shoki, Trillogy, Nyambo, 10fiftyy, B Hunna, Erik Cordova and Divanand. This project has no guest appearances from other artists, unlike Bawskee, which featured Lil Yachty on "Bring Dat Bag Out." Of the 10 songs on the tape, Comethazine says he's most excited to the bring the Divanand-produced banger "Benjamin Counter" on the road. He's set to head out on his Bawskee 2 Tour this month.

As a mixtape, Bawskee 2 is a wild ride. Starting off with "OnMyGrannyKids," Comethazine boasts that he's different from his peers; he just moves differently. "These niggas got pistols, they don't even use/They tote ’em in pictures, but don't ever shoot/They tote ’em pictures, they tryna look cool," he delivers. The whole mixtape is well-produced and Comethazine has evolved, working in new flows.

Listen to Comethazine's Bawskee 2 below and check out the cover art and tracklist. And don't forget to watch his Who Am I video, in which he breaks down his past jobs, sings a song from the movie Shrek and much more.

Comethazine's Bawskee 2 Mixtape Tracklist

1. "OnMyGrannyKids" (produced by B Hunna)
2. "I Be Damned" (produced by Divanand)
3. "Benjamin Counter" (produced by Divanand)
4. "Nonsense" (produced by Trillogy)
5. "Hippopotamus" (produced by Epreme)
6. "How Do You Do?" (produced by Divanand)
7. "4 Pound" (produced by Divanand)
8. "Gusher Guts" (produced by Divanand and Shoki)
9. "Demar Derozan" (produced by Nyombo)
10. "Wine & Dine" (produced by 10Fiftyy)

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