In the days since Kanye West released the video to "Famous," showing an array of celebrities and politicians laying together nude, a number of those shown including George Bush and Chris Brown have commented on the visuals, with Taylor Swift and Lena Dunham each expressing outrage upon seeing the images. It was only a matter of time before the late night hosts provided their takes as well, with Stephen Colbert inserting himself into the video in the above spoof.

Colbert opens the bit with a few Kanye jokes, calling the news "the nutrient bath he lives in," and quipping, "If thats memory foam, that bed is going to have PTSD." He then brings up Kanye's tweet asking for somebody to sue him, adding, "You don't have to wait Kanye, cause I’ma sue you right now…for cutting me out of that video." Colbert is then the last body seen in footage taken from the video, with the naked host saying, "Yeah. We just had sex. all of us. At the same time. I wish you could smell it in here. It is like a cage at a zoo. They’re going to have to burn this bed, I don’t know what they’re going to do."

Jimmy Kimmel likewise parodied the video, placing show correspondent Guillermo at the end of the clip. While the "Famous" video is being used for joke and point making alike, it's certainly become a news item in and of itself, which, perhaps, was the intention. Watch Colbert's clip up top, with Kimmel's just below.

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