The Republican National Convention is taking place in Cleveland, Ohio this week, with Donald Trump supporters and critics alike flocking to the state to offer comment on the presidential race and convention developments. Talking with CNN, Chuck D furthered his anti-Trump sentiment, responding to the GOP nominee's assertion that Black Lives Matter is responsible for incidents of violence.

"I’m a musician, so I can say things like ‘He’s stupid’ and ‘This convention is stupid for having him.’ How about that?" Chuck says. "He’s out of his mind. Black Lives Matters is a narrative full of all kind of people who answer a question like ‘if we don’t matter than no one matters.’ For the longest period of time, Black lives seeming didn’t matter. 30 years ago Reverend Jesse Jackson talked about the economic divide, the education divide, the divide on enforcement, the divide on the environment. They have widened. There’s been anger by youth who have grown into adults over the last 30 years and the narrative in the United States of America is ‘Y’all should be happy cause you got a Black president.” He’s the United States of America's president not the black communities president."

At SXSW this past March, the Public Enemy frontman shouted "Black Lives Matter! Fuck Donald Trump!” while on stage, making his political views abundantly clear. Watch him deliver his opinions on the convention, Trump and more in the video clip above.

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