Chuck D shared his thoughts on Bill Cosby's sexual assault controversy via Twitter. In the rap mogul's opinion, Bill Cosby's legacy and contribution to the arts shouldn't be erased because of the rape allegations he's currently facing.

The Public Enemy founder received a lot of backlash for his tweet, with many followers calling the comment "stupid." Chucky didn't change his opinion, however. He just watched people fill his mentions, tweeting, "Say what you want, I put my name and my face to my statements folk." He wanted to put the thought out there and stirred up an interesting conversation with fans as he held his ground.

Chuck D isn't the first member of the hip-hop community to somewhat defend Bill Cosby. When allegations against the comedian legend first came out, Cee-Lo and J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League had their own share of opinions in favor of Cosby.

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