Last year, Chicago rappers Vic $pencer and Chris Crack, known together as Chris $pencer, dropped one of the best rap projects of the year with Who TF Is Chris $pencer. Now they're gearing up to drop their sophomore project Blessed, and ahead of the release they're premiering their new "Bacon" video on XXL. Watch it above.

In the video, Chris and Vic pit two cops against each other in a Fight Club-style melee. They stand by as the two officers go at each other until one rips the other's heart out. The track features biting commentary on the current state of the rap game from both of them ("Lotta money to be made, it won't happen though/We too busy clappin' folks"), a signature of Chris and Vic's styles.

Asked to comment on the video, the Chitown duo simply said, "Troll 'till they fuckin' fold."

Watch "Bacon" above.

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