At its core, music is truly international since a beat can be felt by whoever is listening, no matter the cultural differences that exist. Chris Matic, a Kingston, Jamaica native who moved to the New York and New Jersey area as a teen, used rap as the bridge between his two home bases. If you got bars like Chris, rap fans in the Tri-State area and beyond will show you love. Now 25 years old, he's steadily perfecting his craft.

With guidance from The Notorious B.I.G.'s close friend and confidant Damion "D-Roc" Butler, Chris Matic has his sights set on the top—he's signed to D-Roc's IB: Music record label. To show off some of those talents that won his new stateside friends over, he dropped a few bars for XXL's What I Do freestyle series.

Chris uses part of his verse to school the masses on the finer things in life. "I'm tryna get through to ya/I feel like a tutor, man/These niggas gettin stupider, come and let me school you, bruh/Have ’em seated first class, grilled salmon with arugula," he raps.

All of the ballin' is nothing new to him, though: "We do this on the regular/I check my schedule with my scheduler/If I die now, they open Heaven up/You know they gon' remember us, icon livin', Jaden Smith."

He also manages to sneak in some very clever religious wordplay. "Blood on the pedal, I may sin/Forgive me Lord, I hop out the angel wings/The door swing, spread the Eagle on the Dese'," he shares.

As for his next move? Chris wants to drop an organized project. "We're gonna work on an EP," he reveals. "We just focusing on developing a well-made EP and getting that produced the right way."

Catch Chris Matic's freestyle up top.

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