Chris Brown previews new music with T-Pain and Kap G. The 27-year-old artist teases four songs on his official Instagram account.

Rocking a black, white and blue-striped t-shirt and a triangle-shaped diamond chain, C. Breezy plays snippets of each track and mouths the lyrics. The caption for the first post reads, "Wanna start making more music for the ladies. Bring that real love music. Ain't always about bitches and hoes. Want to touch your soul first!"

You can view all of the clips above and below. At the start of the second IG video, which contains the T-Pain preview, Brown says to the camera, "Shout-out to my nigga T-Pain, we been working on this shit. It slaps." All of the records contain catchy melodies and banging instrumentals. No word on when Brown is planning to unleash these tracks, or if they'll appear on the same project. Only time will tell.

In other Chris Brown-related news, the Virginia singer recently teamed up with Akon and Gucci Mane for the track "Moon Walk." Prior to that, Brown teamed up with Jeezy for a song called "Pretty Diamonds." On the chorus, C. Breezy sings, "Spendin' all my time and money/Girl just look where you at/All of them shoes and bags/Poppin' them tags, spendin' money on your ass." In late October, Brown and his OHB crew linked up and dropped their new Attack The Block mixtape. The projects includes features from French Montana, Hoody Baby, Young Lo, Ray J and Young Blacc.

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