We're now less than a week away from the second anniversary of Chinx's death by gunfire, and Chris Brown has linked up with Nas to pay tribute to the fallen rapper with "Die Young," a remix of Chinx's posthumously released Welcome to JFK song of the same name.

Tragically, C. Breezy and Nas' remix title is as appropriate now as it was when the song it's based on dropped about two years ago, as are their lyrics. On the track, C. Breezy sings, "I'm gon' be a legend when I go, if I die."

In his verse, Breezy sings about everything from gang violence to racism to police brutality. "Hear the gunshot sounds, another Black man down. another innocent killed by the police/Which side are you on?" he sings.

For his part, Nas serves up some of his typically poetic observations about the world around him, rapping, "In the projects it's made so we don't progress/Experimental tests watch us kill each other, film another homicide/They taping—nobody make it/See he going to kill the same lab rat he was raised with," he spits on the track.

You can check out "Die Young" for yourself below. In case you missed it, peep the tracklist for Brown's upcoming double-disc album Heartbreak on a Full Moon.

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