Chingy hasn't been shy about sharing his opinions on current events of late, often using his Instagram to point out things such as his theory that the United States government manufactured the terrorist group ISIS in order to keep citizens in line, or that he was blackballed by the music industry after being set up by a transgender model, or that the Illuminati and the planets are all interconnected somehow. Or just about everything else, as he explained to XXL in our interview with him in July.

Last month, as the rising tensions in this country boiled over into protests and clashes with police in Ferguson, MO after the shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown, a few rappers—Killer Mike, Talib Kweli and J. Cole come immediately to mind—took the lead on being vocal leaders in both the Ferguson community and online, showing support and bringing awareness to the injustices occurring. Another vocal leader was local hero Nelly, who hails from nearby St. Louis; however, the city's other big name rapper from the last decade, Chingy, remained largely silent on the issue. Until today.

Chingy took to his YouTube page today to deliver an eight-plus minute video where he discusses everything from his thoughts on the Mike Brown situation to elaborating on his ISIS claims.

"I know what the agenda is; I know they're trying to push in this Martial Law thing," Chingy says towards the end of the video. "So I feel like, even with the Mike Brown tragedy, I feel like it was a conspiracy. I feel like there was something set up about it. That's just me."

Chingy is refreshingly unapologetic about his take on the major events in the world, which is better than most other people in this overly-careful world of PR and spin. Then again, he doesn't have much to lose, either. At the very end, he leaves us with a gem of advice for everyone who makes it that far (and we did, of course). "I know you love this government, I know everybody loves this government, the land of the free," he says. "But I want you to pay attention to something. Because living in this country, you have always been a slave to what they want you to believe and do. So understand who your enemies are before you just go blame other people in different countries, because you don't know what's going on. So that's why you gotta look into things for yourself and stop turning on CNN and all these channels and believing everything that you hurr.

"Because the Bush family run the communications. And they send out the faxes to tell them what to talk about. Young Jakkpot, peace and love."

Keep it coming, Chingy.