Sometimes when a rapper tries to tackle something politically, it kind of makes you wonder "What in the world are they thinking?" The next rapper to question the intentions of our government comes in the form of Chingy. While many people are leery about ISIS—which is potentially becoming one of the United States' biggest threats—Chingy firmly believes that ISIS is merely a ploy devised by the United States and Israel. He voiced his concern on his Instagram.

His caption read:

On another note; I want everyone to beware that #ISIS is another made up terrorist group created by the #USandIsrael to create a major problem which sets off a major solution which is #WAR. Don’t be fooled by your tv programs showing you heads being cut off an all that; they stage things to create wars so that they (illuminati you can call them) can control population and natural resources while depopulating the worlds civilization down. #HELLO #FulldekkFullosiphy

ISIS has emerged abruptly in the news after the organization made military advancements in Iraq and took control of large sections within the territory. They're also responsible for the beheading of American journalist James Foley.