It's no mystery that breakups suck! There is no specific cure to a broken heart, which is why people tend to use their own personal remedies to mend the pain. Whether you choose to dance the night away with friends, cry your eyes out to sappy love songs, deactivate your social media accounts, or ingest things to make you feel better, it's clear that everyone heals differently and on their own time. In the new visuals for his latest single "Sober," Childish Gambino proves just that.

Set in a diner, an intoxicated Childish Gambino unloads his relationship problems onto an unsuspecting lonely female customer. Seeming annoyed and uncomfortable at first, he's able to win a smile from her with his notable yet hilarious dance moves.

Whenever actor-turned-rapper Childish Gambino sings or raps about love, it's proven to be a hit, so check out how Gambino's "Sober" story unravels above and decide for yourself.