Childish Gambino has not been shy on offering his admiration to Kanye West in the past. Last week in an interview on Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club, the rapper/actor explained why he's taken to call himself "The Son of Kanye" saying, "'Cause I am. Kanye talks about the glass wall, and he's right. He's a genius to me. He can do amazing things for humans, and they won't let him."

In an interview with FUSE today, Childish Gambino offered further praise for Yeezy and why Gambino believes Kanye is so important.

"I always thought he was a genius. I love Kanye. I think he's like the best. Not even on just a music level because I try not to be like he's a musician or he's a rapper like that because I think that holds people back. I think he's a prophet. He makes people want to be better."

Along with giving commendation to the Chicago superstar, Gambino spoke at-length about another fashion-centric rapper A$AP Rocky and why he writes his best songs in the morning.

You can watch the entire interview with FUSE in the video above.

[Via Nah Right]

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