Childish Gambino is one of the more interesting personalities in the hip-hop game, and in an interview with the Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club this morning, he gave his opinions on one of the most sensitive topics in this country, race in America.

Charlemagne began the dialogue on race referencing Gambino's tweets last month in which he stated that he wanted to be a “big and white” rapper. One of the most memorable quotes in the interview was Childish's statement in which he said that “Black people are not allowed to fail,” because black people are not afforded the chances that white people have.

“White people are a blank slate,” says Childish, which in his eyes makes it much easier for whites to be perceived in a positive light than black people are. He also stated that he “doesn't think [he] can marry a White woman,” because he needs to be with someone that “is racist like [him],” he said jokingly. Check out the rest of the interview above.