Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, is definitely up to something. The multi-talented rapper/actor is gearing up to put on Pharos, a three-day music and outdoor experience held in Joshua Tree, Calif. and he just got some major backing. According to the latest press release on Pharos today (Aug. 19), Gambino will be dropping new music in "an immersive display that offers a rich audio and visual experience" and as creative director of the event, Gambino has partnered with Microsoft for the occasion. Microsoft's technology will be responsible for design content experiences for the shows.

Back in June, Gambino excited his fanbase by dropping the news of Pharos on a mysterious new app. Once opened, the app showed a countdown to the Labor Day weekend shows. Up until this point, the 32-year-old was said to be retiring from the rap game. The tickets for the three shows sold out in six minutes.

Outside of the upcoming Pharos shows, Gambino is premiering his much anticipated show, Atlanta. The teasers FX series about two cousins trying to make it in the Atlanta hip-hop scene look dope so far.

“I know it’s going to be very easy for people to say ‘It’s a black Mecca,’ and it is, but I just think that it’s the most American place,” Gambino told Deadline about the show. “Everybody there is like ‘Yo, I got a verse.’ Everybody is trying to make something from nothing. I believe everybody has a situation, and I wanted to show real people in real situations… I wanted to make it a regional thing.”

Pharos goes down next month, Sept. 2 to 4, at Joshua Tree Retreat Center in Joshua Tree, Calif.

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