Thanks to the success of the "Same Crew (Remix)" on the internets (now clocking 100,000+ spins on SoundCloud), Ray Jr. and the gang link up for the video treatment. The visual has a dope concept as each MC is portrayed by their child look-a-like and the camera follows the pint-sized rappers as they party in the club while lip-syncing along to the track. While sipping on Welch's sparkling juice instead of Moet, each kid gives a very convincing performance and makes the very-hard-to-pull-off-idea work. Check out the vid above and decide who your favorite kid is. Our money is on either mini-Ray Jr. or mini-Young Dolph who both smash their appearances though we can't front on lil' MGK who is covered in temporary tattoos.

Ray Jr. was featured in XXL's "The Break" section back in 2012 and has come a long way since. The Cleveland native set out with a goal to bring back realness to the hip-hop game. "I would like to change the game by bringing that realness back," said Jr. "Instead of all the glitter and gold— shit the average person wouldn’t relate to, I’m bringing music back down to the things we see and experience in everyday life." With "Same Crew," the MC does just that as he provides a street single that has a real chance to pick up steam as the summer progresses.

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