Less than a week after releasing his latest mixtape, Almighty So, Chicago's Chief Keef has announced, via a post on his Instagram, that he'll be heading back to jail soon. "Getting myself ready to get locked up," he wrote on Instagram. "Love everybody that rocks with So and Da Glo!"

According to Keef's manager, this latest sentence stems from probation violation that took place a few months ago when Keef tested positive for weed. Keef went to court in mid September and the judge was willing to postpone his sentence to allow Keef time to finish his tour, which ended up being cancelled, so now he's serving his time for the violation. He's expected to be out by October 25.

"We're looking at him being released on Friday the 25th," writes Keef's manager in an e-mail to XXL. "At which time we're going to start working on his new album and his movie, which at this time is untitled, and will be a biopic based on the GBE story."

Take a look at Keef's Instagram post below: