It's been a strange time for Chief Keef ever since he dropped his double album Bang 3 last year, but there's always a silver lining, and in this case it's the new video for "Superheroes," the best song from either disc featuring A$AP Rocky.

In the video above, directed by Phil Jackson, Keef rocks some Glo Gang overalls while Rocky dons some sort of blacked-out head wrap. Nothing much happens in the video, though in today's age it's dope to see artists at least make the effort to shoot a video together, especially for a song as dope as this one.

In the wake of the album, Keef was "suspended" (whatever that means) by his label FilmOn TV following disputes between Alki David, the head of the label, and Keef's management.

"We are committed to making his career the best that it can be. We also have about 70 new songs recorded," David told the press late last year. Keef's management responded with a statement saying they were "working to resolve this matter. We are hopeful that there will be a positive resolution." The dispute also led to Keef's BMW getting repossessed.

Fans were glad to finally get the Rocky and Keef collab on Bang 3, as it had been highly anticipated for years. Much of the rest of the album sounds like Keef retreading familiar territory,which is disappointing since he was experimenting with the boundaries of his songwriting on other songs like "Ain't Missing You," the song dedicated to his slain cousin Blood Money.

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