Those who have never seen Chance The Rapper show off his acting chops now have a chance in his first feature-length film, Slice, which is now available for download on iTunes and all other digital platforms as of today (Sept. 11).

The Chicago MC was cast as werewolf Dax Lycander in the movie which filmmaker Austin Vesely calls a "pizza horror." It revolves around solving the murders of pizza delivery boys with a few peculiar, comedic twists. Fans will get a chance to check out Chance's parkour skills, which he claims he did without the help of a stunt double during a live Q&A after Slice's world premiere at Chicago's ArcLight Cinemas last night (Sept. 10), after which the film screened for one night only at select theaters nationwide. He also compared the film—which stars Atlanta actress, Zazie Beetz—to the lively works of famed directors Quentin Tarantino and Spike Lee.

Vesely and Bennett have worked together on a number of music videos since Chano's debut mixtape 10 Day, including "Juice" and the Saba-assisted "Angels." They also consider one another best friends. "He's always been one of my biggest supporters," Chance shared.

Though fans of Chance have longed for him to get back on screen after his acting debut in the short film Mr. Happy, it's best you don't hold your breath. "Just being honest, I don't like shooting movies," he admitted. "I don't like being on a set or in a trailer—Austin knows this to be true. And it's very different than the way that I execute my music after it's written. But the reward, the finalized product, is always something that I thoroughly enjoy for a long time afterwards. And so I think if I do end up doing anymore cinema, it'll probably be a long, long time from now." Take a look at the full Q&A on Twitter.

Slice, which Chance says has a "cool ending," can be bought or rented online. You can also hear his voice in Trolls 2 when it releases in spring 2020.

Watch the trailer for Slice below.