Chance The Rapper thinks Rihanna's Anti album is not getting the love it deserves. The Chicago native went on Twitter yesterdayy (Dec. 9) to claim that Rihanna's latest LP is underrated.

"Rihanna's Anti is underrated," Chance wrote. "Don't @ me."

Chance The Rapper may believe that Rihanna deserved some more nominations for the 2017 Grammy Awards. The "Angels" MC racked up seven nominations of his own, thanks in part to the new eligibility of streaming projects. Head of Awards Bill Freimuth told XXL that Chance's petition had no effect on the change.

“I’d say [Chance’s petition] had no influence at all,” Freimuth said. “Streaming is an issue that we’ve been talking about for a couple years now and seeing how it came on the horizon and got on our radar, we started thinking about what our response or approach to streaming should be. We gave it a lot of diligent work and thought and discussion among music makers and we came up with this rule last year that allowed streaming-only releases to be part of the mix."

Freimuth explained that the Grammy's previously resisted the change because so few artists were impacted by it. He said the shift did not result in a significant increase in submissions either.

"One of the things that a lot of people are confused about is there really are few artists who choose to go streaming-only,” he continued. “If it is on streaming, it’s also on download or on CD or vinyl or whatever. We don’t think it amounted to much of an increase in our overall submissions, and yet it makes us feel like we did the right thing in terms of being current and being proactive and reactive to changes in the industry. We’re pleased as punch that it allowed Chance to be in competition this year because he’s a wonderful artist.”

Luckily for Chance, the Recording Academy made the decision to let streaming projects be eligible. The talented rapper is already celebrating like he won, but won't find out for real until Feb. 15.

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