Chance The Rapper joins the ranks of MCs to obtain an honorary degree as he was presented with the accomplishment by Dillard University in New Orleans on Saturday (May 12).

Chance announced the feat on Twitter on Friday (May 11). "Im out in NOLA anything going on tn ahead of grad tmw?" he posted. "Btw im getting an honorary doctorates tmw!!! I had no idea!! Im about to be DR THE RAPPER IN THIS JOINT shit critical but yea wyo tn."

Today, Chano donned a cap and gown and joined the rest of the graduates at the school. The Chicago rapper offered up a thought-provoking speech where he talked about achieving the highest of dreams.

"Walk right up to the edge of what your heroes have accomplished and think to yourself, 'What's beyond this,'" Chance said from behind the podium. "That is the moment you will become as great as your greatest inspiration. And that's also when you cannot stop. Looking up to your heroes is amazing but it's not good enough. The difference between goodness and greatness is going beyond. You have to push forward and surpass their greatness in order to pay homage to their struggle."

Chance joins rappers like Kanye West, Lecrae, LL Cool J and others who have also been presented with honorary degrees.

Check out Chance's speech in full at the 1:30:23 mark below.

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